Talcahuano: a small town along the coast of Chile.  My mom and I took a short trip - Santiago to Chillán via train - to Concepción via bus - to Talcahuano via Metro, and then back again, for a very compact yet satisfying excursion.


view from the train, heading from Santiago to Chillán // 22nd july

landed in Chillán, a street dog strategically napping in the sun // 22nd july

smart street dog.  she eyeballed us for our lunch and then resigned herself laying down // 22 july

retro // 22nd july

government building for the region of Bío Bío, located in Concepción // 23nd july

en route to Talcahuano on the Metro

view from the Metro // 23rd july

houses on the hill, Talcahuano // 23rd july

fisherman unloading their haul // 23rd july

houses on the hill // 23rd july

regal as a lion

yes, good idea.  bark at the heavy disgruntled sea lions.  // 23rd july

Metro pulling into the Talcahuano station // 23rd july

view of the stadium from the Concepción bus station // 23rd july

varied landscape headed back to Santiago