Film roll: Bolivia

Three rolls of film taken between January and February, 2015.  I had them developped at a film shop in Cochabamba but my flight to Santiago left before I could pick them up.  Six months later I see them, thanks to a friend who travelled to Cochabamba and brought them back <3

busy intersection in La Paz // february 2015

la paz, bolivia // january 2015

road between Cochabamba and Vinto // february 2015

the kitchen at the HelpX farm in Vinto // february 2015

chopping veggies for dinner at the farm // february 2015

field work at the farm in Vinto.  we used picks to loosen the soil around the root of the corn stalk of the three weakest rows, so they wouldn't get tramped by the animals pulling the plow on the rest of the field.  february 2015

sunset in Vinto // january 2015

a cow taking a nap in Vinto // january 2015

stray dogs accompany hikers to the waterfall // february 2015

looking towards Cochabamba from a vantage point on the waterfall hiking trail // february 2015

view from the cable car in Cochabamba // february 2015

sunny summer afternoon in Cochabamba // january 2015

an alley filled with flower vendors in quillacollo, between vinto and cochabamba // february 2015

field work in vinto.  these women cut down corn stalks like machines.  the three of them were faster than four volunteers // february

corn field in Vinto

sunny day in bolivia // february 2015

flower on a vine at the farm in Vinto // february 2015

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