September 18: Fiestas Patrias en Chile

The week of September 18 is the time Chilean independence is celebrated with cook-outs (asados), outdoor festivals (fondas), and strong drinks including the terremoto - pineapple ice-cream with grenadine and alcohol.  There is a military parade in O'Higgins park in central Santiago and outdoor celebrations all over the city.

Chilean military building and museum

View from the pedestrian bridge to Parque O'Higgins

Crews setting up

Military parade in Parque O'Higgins, note four snipers on top of the tower

Fantasilandia, Santiago's amusement park, in the background of the parade

Female police officers parading

Many families come to the park with a picnic and games for the kids.  Hundreds of vendors come to sell their wares - kebabs, completos (hotdogs), shaved ice, juice, stuffed potatoes, pizza, and artisan crafts.

Carabineros (Chilean police) watching the parachuter demonstration

One of several parachuters coming down the parade runway.

Fighter jet demonstration over the park - as seen from my apartment building.

The streets were fairly quiet, given that it was a National holiday.

To read more information about the 18th of September celebrations, click to read in English or Spanish.