Film Roll

I like shooting with film.  It makes me slow down and think more than I would if I was using my digital camera.  Then there's the experience of getting your prints back.  It's like opening a present except you're responsible for its contents.  Some of them are crap, especially because I'm still learning how to meter light correctly.  But the ones that work out are all the more valuable.

Shot from January - August 2014, vibrant color is naturally from the film

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That one time Madysen and I did winter portraits in Wyuka and almost got frostbite.

Caught Luka in the middle of a yawn.  Gorgeous golden winter light.

En route to Minnesota.

Horse at my great-uncle's farm in Minnesota

Horse at my great-uncle's farm in Minnesota

A shot during Rachele's senior session

Warm evening light during Carissa's senior session

My brother climbing the boardwalk at Indian Cave State Park