high-school senior

Isabel and Alec - Class of 2015

This brother-sister pair was really fun to work with!  Between IB, AP, theatre, soccer, and cross-country these two are busy beavers.  Glad they managed to squeeze this shoot into their schedule!  *click photos to enlarge*



Given the location, I'm happy how these B&W photos turned out.  I got my inspiration from a National Geographic gallery.  Take a look at the gallery here.


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Rachele - Class of 2015

Rachele has stage presence, which is why I love working with seniors who do theatre.  So. Stunning.  Also, shout out for being the first senior shoot of the summer! (even though we had to finish up in a second session to avoid the crazy weather)  *Click photos to enlarge*

// It was sooo windy that day.

// It was sooo windy that day.


// That sunlight!

// Alive. //